RB Consulenze Import Export is the Ideal meeting point between Offer and Demand for other companies, both italian or not. 
We support the Small and Medium Enterprises through its 360 degree professional service.
 The Company works in the field of enterprises' internationalization.
Our Policy is characterized by a bilateral approach that gives a wide overview on the commercial network inside and outside Italy.

The Italian Market

We will support your business in the step of marketing and promotion: i.e. research of agents and importers, handling of logistics etc. Everyday our effort is to promote a range of high quality products, offering to potential customers a wide and selected choice.

Our Services


The first step to build a succesful business relation is to set up a strong promotion. The mission of Luxury Trading Export department is to spread the product idea and make it a commercial success through: Promotion-Negotiation-Logistics&Custom


The main goal of our Import department is to find abroad new business partners for the Italian Companies through: Research-Negotiation-Logistics&Custom